The primitive years are considered most crucial for stimulating and developing the physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills of a child ensuring their all round aesthetic development. The toddlers at Nursery have fun-filled activities in pursuit of their curiosity and desire to learn. Through the play based framework, the young children develop 5 senses wherein their optimal skills are developed.

Our Objectives

  • To develop good health habits, e.g. dressing themselves, eating habits, follow toilet decorum etc.
  • To develop etiquette for healthy group participation.

  • To guide the child to express, understand &  control his emotions.

  • To encourage aesthetic appreciation in the child.

  • To help him understand the world in which he lives. 

  • Provide opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment for developing confidence.

  • To develop basic motor skills in the child.

  • Teaching basic concepts  like shapes, colours, alphabets, etc. through visual aids and oral expressions.

  • To engage in fun-filled activities, games, story telling, singing, puppet shows, toys and building blocks to build analytical, numerical and verbal skills.

  • Readiness for reading, writing and number work is gradually cultivated.

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