School houses :

Each student is allotted a House at the time of admission which remains the same tile he / she graduates from school. The competitions and other events are conducted House-wise all through the year in which the students get a change to participate. The concept of a house system develops many qualities in the students such as leadership, sporting and team spirit, the feeling of oneness and belongingness which ultimately is our goal.

The four Houses in our school are :


Colour - ORANGE

Significance : - Denotes energy, warmth and enthusiasm.The warm colour is a stimulant which demands attention and dedication.


Colour - WHITE

Significance :- Signifies innocence, truthfulness, calmness, purity and patience, It exudes peace and tranquility which is given for every individual.


Colour - GREEN

Significance : - The green colour symbolizes earth, nature and life. IT is considered the colour of peace and ecology.


Colour - BLUE

Significance : - Blue stands for peace and acknowledgement of being one with eternity. It also denotes reflection of emotions ability to communicate and to utilize the knowledge.