Junior Section :

These formative years are recognized as a period of rapid development and transition. The Curriculum for Junior school broadens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, languages and Mathematics. Optional subjects like Scouts and Guides, NCC and Air Wing are offered. Gradually, over the years, Yoga, Art, Music and sports will also form an integral part of the school programme. All this is done through :

  • * One text book for all subjects.
  • * Experiential learning.
  • * Theme-based Project Method of Learning.
  • * In-house development.
  • * Developing competencies.

Methods used to provide holistic learning include :

  • * Field trips.
  • * Laboratory works.
  • * Research projects.
  • * Audio visual media.
  • * Library activities.
  • * Power Point presentations.
  • * Industry
  • * School Interface
  • * Smart board Facility

With this broad and diverse range of optional subjects, a student’s personal learning, thinking skills and ability to work independently is on a upward trend.