Dr.Vijapat Singhania School,N.H.No.48,Pardi,Dist-Valsad

Welcome to Dr. Vijaypat Singhania School:

Dear Readers,

For far too long, education has been one-dimensional – instructing children on what to think, what to do and how to go about doing so. As a system designed to produce employees for the assembly line, this emphasis on procedure and conformity was hugely beneficial. However, in the information age that we find ourselves today, it is creativity, depth of knowledge and the ability to deal with ambiguity that matters. Here the traditional educational paradigm fails its students, stifling their thought process instead of liberating and empowering them to take on the world.

Recognizing this need for new skill-sets, we at Singhania School transformed our educational philosophy several years ago. The focus today, is on experiential learning – learning through practical exposure in various ‘real’ environments. Teachers encourage students to go beyond narrow subject-based silos and instead gain a holistic understanding of the world based on a firm grounding in fundamentals and by kindling their ability to improvise and apply themselves to situations that they have never dealt with it. This lies at the core of the ‘Education 2.0’ that the Singhania Schools espouse – a comprehensive cognitive skill-set rather than rote learning based grasp of content.

In the pursuit of excellence, Singhania School has developed a unique tool-kit for students and parents – ‘smart boards’ for digital delivery of content, unique textbooks developed by our own faculty for our students, a web-based information system for parents that captures relevant metrics and information about the student’s progress and many more. Furthermore, to help prepare our students for a globalized world, we incorporate curricular inputs from international learning systems and have student and faculty exchanges with schools in countries ranging from Japan to the UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Canada.

Equally the school’s focus is on developing other aspects of our children's’ personalities, be it through professional training in sports and cultural activities, or by firmly grounding them in Indian values and spirituality. Aided by a massive investment in infrastructure and in the best faculty, who understand and can implement ‘Education 2.0,’ Singhania School Vapi is well poised to transform the educational scene in Valsad.

We firmly believe that Dr. Vijaypat Singhania School Vapi will not only uphold but also further embellish the proud Singhania School legacy – national Std. 10 ICSE toppers in 2 of the last 4 years, British Council’s ‘International School Award’ six years in a row, leading performances in national and international Olympiads as well as sporting competitions and a veritable record in every field of endeavor.

I would like to encourage you, dear readers, to engage us in a conversation on what we can do differently for your young children. Do write in to us at singhaniaschool@gmail.com or director@singhaniaschool.org to discuss how we can serve you, come June 2014.

With warm regards,
Revathi Srinivasan
Director – Education, Singhania Schools.